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Parturi tekee kodittomille ilmaisia muodonmuutoksia - katso kuvat lopputuloksista

27.04.2019 10:15 - Reija Saarinen

Joshua Coombesin mukaan ilo on asiasta paras palkka.

Lontoolainen parturi Joshua Coombes, 31, on nyt vuoden verran napannut sakset käteensä ja suunnannut Lontoon vilkkaile kaduille. Siellä hän antaa ilmaisia hiustenleikkuita kodittomille miehille.

Hän jutustelee ihmisten kanssa kaduilla, ihan samaan tapaan kuin parturissakin. Kodittomien tarinoita elämästä hän sen sijaan jakaa omalla Instagram-tilillään, jossa on nähtävillä myös monenlaisia muodonmuutoskuvia.

Coombesin mukaan hänen tavoitteenaan on poistaa ikävää leimaa, joka kodittomuuden ympärillä yhä edelleen vallitsee.

- Olemme kaikki ihmisiä ja teemme kaikki virheitä. Haluan muokata ennakkoluuloja, joita ihmisillä usein on.

Coombesin mukaan osan hän tapaa vain kerran, osa sen sijaan tulee miehen luokse useasti.

- Parasta on se, että näen ihmisten ilon ja hymyn heidän kasvoillaan muodonmuutoksen jälkeen.

Muutaman muodonmuutoskuvan pääset katsomaan alta.

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This is David. We saw each other again last week. It’s the third time I’ve cut his hair. I guess it’s fair to say that I’m his hairdresser and he’s one of my regulars. But, as you know, this has always been about much more than that... When our paths first crossed over a year ago at his spot near London Bridge station, we had an immediate connection. Despite sleeping out on the street for the last two years, (I say that so often I have to remind myself what just a few nights on the concrete would feel like...) David seems to have a way of retaining who he is. His smile is infectious. He considers it the most valuable thing he has. . “When I wake up, at about 5:45 in the morning, I sit by the station. I always make sure I say good morning and smile at people as they’re on their way to work. Because, we can be so sad sometimes...I really see it. We’re all walking around with troubles and I think a smile can make you forget them for a moment... Like, this lady smiled at me this morning and it instantly put a smile on my face also. Then there was this one fella, we see each other every morning, who stopped the other day and said - ‘You know what David? You make it a pleasure going to work, I genuinely look forward to walking past here in the morning.’ - At first I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, but then I see people’s reactions and it’s real... I have some people say to me - ‘David, you’re the only person who says good morning to me...’ which is mad isn’t it..? I know a smile makes a difference because I’ve seen it for myself now. I’ve seen people as they turn the corner, look around and then smile back... That’s really nice.” . David and I talk a lot on the phone and touch base whenever we can. The last five years have been a rollercoaster for him. If you want to find more about his story, scroll down in my feed a while. @gotvitaminc painted David last year for our @lightnoiseart show in London and we’re selling the painting, with all proceeds going directly to David. Scroll right and DM me if you’re interested. Thanks for your constant love and support. People like David are as important to me as anybody else. #DoSomethingForNothing

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In Amsterdam recently, I met Eelco. In a short space of time, this man has become very important to me. His resilience and optimism is contagious. On a cold evening @gotvitaminc and I visited a shelter that opens its doors to those who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets of the city. As we walked into the building, something drew me to Eelco. We nodded heads at one another, so I went over and we started talking. Eelco is an incredibly talented human being. An artist. He’s had a difficult time recently but his spirit is strong. For the last few months, Eelco has found shelter in different areas of Amsterdam. But when they have the space, he usually sleeps in the building we visited that evening - “You’ll only see that I’m homeless if I want to show you... I don’t ask for anything, I always get by some way. This is just a period of time but it’s not my life. There’s good people here, people that will help you out. I’ll get back on my feet again soon, I have no doubts about that. It was getting late. I didn’t have my equipment with me, so I made an appointment to cut Eelco’s hair at 7.30am the next morning... We walked to a canal nearby and I set up and started cutting his hair as the sun came up. I’ve visited Eelco again in Amsterdam since this day. There’s so much more to tell you about this guy. But for now, I can say that we spoke earlier this week and Eelco’s found a room. We shared some smiles about that. He’s going to be part of our @lightnoiseart exhibit in Amsterdam later this month (swipe right for more info) It’s Monday, March 25. Come along if you’re in town. We’re using our creativity to provide an amplifier, because Eelco’s story is important...as is the story of every other person living on the fringes of society. #DoSomethingForNothing

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I’ll never stop opening my heart to new people... A stranger who became a brother to me. Cedric died last year, aged 45. I’m forever grateful for the connection we shared. I first met Cedric in Paris in 2017. At the time, he’d been sleeping on the street for three years. He had a handwritten sign - ‘Vote for me in 2020’ - As soon as I said hello, a big smile appeared. An hour later, I’m handing Cedric the mirror to see his new hairdo. We hung out all day there, listening to punk music and swapping stories. Here’s some of Cedric’s words - “I lived in London for some years with my girlfriend. I remember the carnivals so well, I loved my time there. I wanted to stay in London, but when my girlfriend and I broke up, I came back to Paris. That’s when things went downhill… I had a job at a library. It didn’t pay much but I enjoyed it. One day, I found out the library was closing. We lost our jobs. The rent on my place had already gone up. I started drinking more. I can see now I was depressed...I stopped caring. It wasn’t long before I spent my first night outside. A few months later, I visited Cedric again. After a big hug, I noticed Cedric had a black eye - "There’s so many good people in the day, but at night it can change...There's a bar over there that stays open really late. There was a fight with two men and a woman. It's my fault for saying something, when I did, I got punched.” Cedric had a meeting for some help to get into a room a few days prior. He attended but didn't hear back - "I'm trying and always listening for places, it's not easy. Any weeks with a step forward usually comes with more steps back. I never planned to be here...I hope one day there is another chapter. The third time I visited was different. A mural, painted by the amazing @christianguemy for a beautiful soul, no longer with us. I'm going to continue to make people visible the best I can. I know Cédric would have liked that he played a big part in giving others light also. Making mistakes is human. I don’t forget that. I've seen how love can change people. Listen to The Clash and keep dancing my brother. #DoSomethingForNothing

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Whilst in Paris recently, I walked back to the same street where I once visited my late friend, Cedric. I always go back to this spot when I’m in the city. One street away from where he used to sleep, I met Florin. Florin came to Paris from Romania late last year. He’s worked in construction jobs for most of his life, but recently, steady employment became difficult, so he left for job opportunities elsewhere. He only spoke a small amount of English. But thankfully, one of Jaz’s (@theworldwidetribe) good friends, Joanna, is Romanian, so she help us communicate over the phone. When Florin came to Paris, things took an unexpected turn... He experienced a stroke that left him in hospital for a week. When he woke, Florin no longer had his passport or phone with him and had no memory of what happened... Without his documents, He had no way to travel back home so began sleeping on the streets... When we met Florin, he was waiting for an appointment with the Embassy of Romania and was in limbo for the foreseeable. Florin told us what makes him happy in life. It was was so good to meet that day. His warmth really shone through as we spent more time together. So much so that he insisted that we visit him in Romania when he manages to get back there. One realistic goal we can all have is to be more aware and present for those around us who might feel isolated. I saw the difference it made in Florin that someone noticed him and listened. Nothing should get in the way of the connection you can make with another human being and the potential is has to help them and, in turn, help yourself. #DoSomethingForNothing

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